Guns Down Day Pledge

Today, December 14th 2015:

  • I pledge to leave my gun in its locked cabinet, drawer or compartment. I will not pick it up, clean or fire it.
  • I pledge not to buy, sell or deal any firearms.
  • I pledge not to watch any TV show or film that portrays gun violence.
  • I pledge not to play any video game on any device depicting single shooters or any such gun violence.
  • I pledge not to play any songs glorifying gun violence.
  • I pledge not to shop where guns of any sort are on visible display.
  • I pledge to ask my children to put away their toy guns, their BB guns, anything that is made to mimic weaponry, and I will explain why we are all doing this.
  • I pledge to discuss why I am taking this action with my neighbors, store clerks, teachers, classmates, family, friends, colleagues, committees and congregations, all I encounter, speaking of this initiative in a peaceful and respectful manner.
  • I pledge to spend time reflecting on all the countless men, women and children who have lost their lives to gun violence, and honor them too.

GDD logo2On December 14th 2015, I pledge 24 hours, one complete day, with all Guns Down. By pledging this small sacrifice I honor the lives of the 20 children and 6 staff members who were lost through gun violence at Sandy Hook Elementary school two years ago today.

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